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Wild Alaskan Sable (Black Cod)

Those of us who grew up Jewish in New York or New Jersey (or honorary and geographically so) know that sable is buttery. Miso black cod became trendy in the '90s, and this fish, long the delicacy of the appetizing table, became widely known and accepted. Black cod is wild-caught in icy Alaskan waters and brined with a healthy dose of garlic and paprika. We searched far and wide to bring you the finest sable we could, one that hits all the right notes. Our sable is quite exceptional. All that garlic and paprika reminds us of kosher bologna or frankfurters. Imagine a beautiful butterfish, that combines the clean, briny flavors of cold Alaskan seawater with that nostalgic flavor of a Jewish deli, and you have some pretty cool fish. Try it on a toasted bialy with scallion cream cheese.

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