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Brooklyn’s finest appetizing, smoked fish, delicatessen, and hand-rolled, kettle-boiled, homemade bagels, epic sandwiches, homemade baked sweets, and so much more...



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Lewis Spada

Operations & Proprietor

Peter Shelsky

Executive Chef & Proprietor

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Our History

Born and bred New Yorker Peter Shelsky grew up on Kossar’s bialys and Zabar’s hand-sliced Nova, eventually working in the kitchens of Eleven Madison Park, Café Sabarsky, and Wallse. Tuned into both professional chef culture and the flavors of his own Eastern European and Jewish roots, he partnered with Lewis Spada, a Brooklynite and 20-year FOH veteran of Fish Tales, Cobble Hill’s local seafood market, to open Shelsky’s of Brooklyn. Together, the duo brings their talent and charisma to the non-traditional Appetizing and Delicatessen shop that aims to revive “an old tradition that never really died.”

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What our customers have to say about us

Well, the good things at least!

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A. Anne

Dear Peter,

Thank you so much for everything you and your team did for Jack’s bar mitzvah this past weekend. Everyone complimented how delicious it was. It’s their new favorite chopped l...

R.T. Rebecca T.

Best bagels in Brooklyn! Very friendly staff!

M.V. Marina V.

Absolutely love this place! The tribute bagel sandwich is life!!! So so good! If you are a smoked fish lover it is an absolute must try. Also love that they have halva.

M.L. M.L.

I also got some house picked herring on the side with picked onions and cream. I was brought right back to my childhood.
Not to mention the decor and vibe of the place is a wonderful and charming ho...

M.D. Mitchell D.

On Sept 6th I did an overnight order and spent over $300. Everything was excellent including the packaging. I only do this a couple of times a year and have lived in Florida for 50+ years originally from N...

D.T. Daniel T.

Hi. Just wanted to thank you all for the positive experience I had in my Yom Kippur order.

As always, the food was divine (matching the holy day), but first time ordering through the nationw...

K. Kelly

I've been hoarding my points because I want you all to keep making delicious bagels and not give me stuff for free.
You keep up the bagel work, we will keep up the eating the bagels work.

B.F. Betsy F.

I contacted Shelsky’s after an exhausting search for a specialized item.  There is no Kosher Deli in the city where I live.

I called every place I could find all over the country.  Some ...

K.G. Kelly G.

I'm so excited to educate my family on what a real bagel is and what real lox should taste like :)

M.C. Michelle C.

Couldn’t love this place more. Bagels are delicious, fresh and chewy. Smoked salmon is a dream as are all the fish salads. Have done delivery several times now and it’s easy, convenient, and always exa...

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